Q. Is Hypnosis dangerous?
A. Absolutely not!  If it were, then we would all be in trouble, because every time you daydream, become engrossed in a good book or movie, you actually enter a state of Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind and is perfectly safe.

Q. Does Hypnosis conflict with Religion?
A. In no way!  Anybody who says it does, either doesn’t understand Hypnosis or their particular religion.

Q. Can anyone learn Hypnosis?
A. Yes, anyone can. See my page on Hypnosis Courses for more details.

Q. Can a person lose weight or stop smoking with Hypnosis?
A. Of course they can and it’s so easy, see my page on Hypnotherapy.

Q. Is there a difference between stage Hypnosis and medical Hypnosis?
A. No difference whatsoever. It is just the manner and method by which is it carried out that differs, but it’s the same Hypnosis.

Q. Do some stage hypnotists pay their volunteers to just fake it out?
A. I don’t know of any that do, but I dare say that some amateurs probably do. It is reflected in their lack of confidence and Hypnotic ability. I personally have never and would never pay anyone to merely just perform.