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INTRODUCING…… The Amazing Hypnosonian Language Cards™

“At Last The Language of Hypnosis and NLP come together as one!”

Now you can unleash your natural ability to…

  • Influence anyone to follow your lead
  • Persuade clients and customers to happily buy more
  • Negotiate with stellar success
  • Compel colleagues to do what you suggest
  • Get just about anyone to say “Yes”
  • Convince children and teens to obey your instructions
  • And interesting enough, they will thank you for the opportunity
    to do exactly as you tell them.

“Just How Quickly Would You Like to Master Hypnotic and NLP Language patterns?”

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to persuade and connect with people at a much deeper unconscious level then read on because this may well be the most important message you ever read.

My name is Max Kaan and up until now the secret Language of the Hypnotist and the NLP Practitioner were separated, NOT ANY MORE! because after years of intensive research I have at last married the two most potent Language forces together, Fused them as one and created just for you The AmazingHypnosonian Language Cards™, it’s a Language within a Language.

In Hypnosis and NLP Your success will largely depend on your ability to Persuade, Influence and Control.

Just by learning and using the potent, powerful Hypnosonian Language Cards™ you will quickly communicate exquisitely and elegantly just like the professionals and in just a few short weeks you’ll be able to:

  • Become a highly persuasive influential communicator
  • Deliver commands and suggestions that are impossible to disagree with
  • Overcome resistance, tension and conflict
  • Alter people’s state as you experience the power of the Hypnosonian patterns.
  • Learn the power of covert communication techniques
  • Possess a potent tool to your Hypnosis, NLP skill.
  • Plus — incredibly — believe it or not
    Your Relationships will Improve, You’ll enjoy Instant Rapport on Demand, You’ll be treated With New Respect by everyone you meet, Isn’t this truly amazing!!

I invite you to learn a little bit more about Max Kaan, Hypnotist Extraordinaire, Max Kaan has performed on the stages of the World with his amazing hypnotic show, Remember Max was the first Hypnotist to perform at the Sun City Superbowl to an audience of over six thousand people, then he went on to create Hypnotic History by becoming the first ever Hypnotist to have his own TV show ‘Nowhereland with Max Kaan” on National SABC3 Television.

For the last twenty five years Max has been using the secret language of the Hypnotist to great effect both on and off stage and now, at last, for the first time ever, Max has combined the secret, powerful compelling language of the hypnotist with the indirect, artfully vague language of the World’s most renowned Hypnotherapist Milton Erikson, the very same man who the whole of NLP is based on.


Milton Erikson used hypnosis in conversation to make subjects laugh, scratch, stand up, and sit down on command.

What made his hypnosis so powerful was that he had spent almost 60 years learning to hypnotize his subjects without them knowing it…. and hypnotizing them in a normal-setting conversation.

Dr. Erickson is generally acknowledged to have been the worlds leading practitioner of medical and psychological hypnosis. His writings on hypnosis are the final word on techniques of inducing trance and in the art and science of conversational hypnosis.

Dr. Erickson was both a psychiatrist and psychologist. He received a medical degree and a Master’s degree at the same time.

Erickson and his foundation believed, and still believe that only physicians, dentists and psychologists should be allowed to use hypnosis. Erickson believed that the techniques he discovered and refined were “too powerful” to be in the hands of the ordinary layman”.

The Official Position Of The Ericksonian Foundation Is That You Cannot Learn Or Practice Standard Hypnosis Unless You Are A Doctor, Dentist, Or Licensed Psychologist. To allow you to learn Hypnosonian Language Cards™ would be unthinkable for this organization…

Price: R199.95
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